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Lesson Planner
How do I add standards to a lesson?
How can I edit a saved lesson plan?
How can I make a cross-curricular lesson (aligned to more than one subject's standards)?
We have our own lesson-plan template that we like teachers to use. Can you make one that looks the way we want it to?
I like to make a weekly lesson plan for my whole week. Can I do this with your site?
How do I share lesson plans with other teachers?
I have a number of lessons that go with a theme. Can I put them all in your site to make them easy to group together?
How can I make lesson plans that are differentiated for the learning levels of my students?
I like to work in MS Word, although I want some things that your site can do, like add standards and access online. Is there some way to have both?
If I am asked when I taught a particular standard, how can I quickly find that information?
How often are your standards updated? How do I know they are current?
I am a physical education teacher and would love to use your site, but a free account only enables the four core subjects. How can I get the standards I need on your site?
Free vs. Premium
Is it really free?
Can we network this application on our own school's server?
Do I have to share with everybody? Can I share lessons only with teachers in my own school?
Do you provide ready-made lesson plans? Do you offer any other services, free or otherwise?
How can I report an error or make a suggestion?
I am having problems opening the blackline masters on my computer. Any suggestions?
How can I keep parents up-to-date on this week's homework assignments?
My school bought the XYZ textbook program, and this is what I generally use to teach math. Can I cite lessons in their book and use your site to show how they meet standards?
Your Account
I can't login, or I forgot my username or password.
How can I update my profile?
How can I update my email address?
Is my information kept private?
How can I make my profile private?