Standards Toolbox curriculum map module

The Standards Toolbox curriculum map format is research-based and designed to industry-leading specifications. The SIMPLE and POWERFUL interface brings the power of automation and online collaboration to your instructional process.

The user-friendly interface of the curriculum-mapping module is super-clear, yet still comprehensive − it's a snap to share resources and view progress! And true integration with the rest of the Toolbox ensures that your maps are instantly available whenever and wherever they are needed.

Tightly integrated suite means your c-maps won't end up in a drawer
Unlike with standalone mapping programs, your standards-based c-maps are totally integrated with daily instruction. When teachers use the lesson planner, related curriculum maps are available right there on the same page.

It gets even better. Suppose a curriculum map specifies various learning objectives to be taught during a given timeframe. Those standards are highlighted in red when teachers plan for that subject & grade: required standards are simply impossible to miss.

Higher performance is a given when curriculum goals are this integrated into the fabric of your district's continuous improvement plan.

The power of many, compounded over time
In the spirit of "Web 2.0," both curriculum supervisors and teachers may contribute to c-maps over time. This enables instructors throughout your district to collaborate with a shared vision. Administrators can easily understand and guide the instructional process, even while the map is updated and "owned" by teachers.