-- New Administrators home page --
a) Cleaner layout similar to Teacher's calendar page.
b) View all teachers for a given week -- much easier to locate appropriate material for review/comments.
c) Added auto-complete search field to quickly locate a given user in your school/district.
d) "What's new?" wall provides a stream of district-wide events.
e) "What's news?" section provides U.S. and international education news updates.
-- Improved Box-Planner print layout --
a) Added print-options interim dialog with three print-layout options: two facing pages, list (vertical) format, and super-compact.
b) Print the week in a two-page side-by-side layout (equals bigger lesson boxes while still conserving paper); suitable for side-by-side viewing in a three-ring binder.
-- Class websites --
a) Cleaner layout
b) 1-click calendar to view homework assignments for a given day
c) Teacher can now hide the homework section if they don't want to display it
-- Grade book --
a) Added "Student Summary" page to show at a glance how each class/group falls within a certain grade-range. Students with average <65% are highlighted in red.
b) Administrator-users can also review this information class-by-class.
-- Browser issues --
Various js adjustments to satisfy Google's Chrome browser

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-- Phase 1 of a platform migration. ~25% complete. --
-- Calendar page --
a) cleaner layout
b) easier to find teammates & shared materials
c) new week-month view toggle link
d) standards report will now show weekly or monthly standards-alignment
e) added user "What's New" wall
f) added user-status message -- useful to request or offer help & materials
-- Improved lesson print & email layout to be easier to read; eliminate unnecessary labels to conserve paper & printer-ink --
-- User preferences --
a) user can set Team sharing options, i.e. elect to share lessons and/or files with teammates
b) new "Standards Settings" menu allows user to hide unneeded subjects, and choose a default -- this is particularly useful to subscribers who may have many additional subjects available
c) separated "Login Settings" to a new page
-- Resources --
a) improved file uploader
b) resource files will now be shared with Teammates (only if user allows it in his/her preferences)
c) rss feeds added to various educational news and lesson-planning resource sites
-- Grade book --
a) students will now be assigned a username as well as a password
b) student/parent login will now direct to teachers' class website, and they can access grades from there
c) redesigned Assignment page more closely resembles the lesson-planner
d) grading assignments is now faster due to improved layout
e) ajax method eliminates the need to save grades
f) misc. minor enhancements
-- Curriculum mapping --
a) clearer organization puts date-range at the top of each unit
b) layout emphasizes a more "start with standards" approach to curriculum mapping
c) curriculum maps now pull lesson data directly and automatically (subscriber schools/districts)
d) two new "Auto-Map" wizards introduced: "auto-map based on standards" and "auto-map based on lessons"
-- Network "What's New" wall now includes shared-lesson event --
-- Administrator module --
a) improved c-maps outlined above
b) new "A-B report" offers side-by-side comparison of various data for up to 5 teachers at once
c) Monthly Report now has a selector to show current year or previous years' standards-alignment
-- Lesson Planners --
a) minimal changes, mainly some cosmetic adjustments to the Box Planner
Stay tuned for more upgrades (and tutorials) coming soon!


-- Individual lesson title fields added to the weekly planner. Click the arrow icon next to "Lesson" in each title bar. Auto-titles will still be assigned if user does not create a specific title.
-- Class-periods manager usability upgrade: now user can delete all Week-tab class periods and still have lessons display on the Box Planner.
-- List-format printing is more compact: slight layout changes improve printing from the calendar page, weekly planner, x-planner, and my-lessons.
-- Restored some features to My Lessons page: Subject filter, Units filter, and user-defined order numbering for print/email/export.


-- Rebranded the new weekly planner to "Box Planner"
-- Made the old "Classic" Weekly Planner more apparent and easy to access.
-- Patch to fix a couple of browser-compatibility issues.

Site update summary:

--Custom photo backgrounds available now from your preferences page

--Streamlined design of the single and weekly planner

--Lesson-preview/editor (popup) can now add-remove standards

--Added Class Periods to all planners; lesson plans can now be categorized by class period and/or time; class periods are customizeable, just click the "edit" link

--My Lessons page supports default and custom sort order for print / email / export-to-MS Word

--Misc. grade book upgrades, incl. improved parent communication

--Minor educator-network enhancements

More features coming soon. Please feel free to check in with questions, comments, and suggestions. We hope you like the updates!
Dev Team

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Site update summary:

--Lighter, "clean-white" look and feel

--New menu style for ease-of-use and one-click access to any page

--Teachers and/or administrators can more easily collaborate on curriculum mapping

--Misc. grade book upgrades (video tutorial coming soon!)

--Misc. new reporting options for Administrators

--Improved search

--Compact, "paper-saver" print and email layouts

--Minor educator-network enhancements

More features coming soon. Please feel free to check in with questions, comments, and suggestions. We hope you like the updates!
Dev Team

The Standards Toolbox recently added a GREAT (well, we hope) curriculum mapper to the ST suite for subscriber schools/districts. Thank you to one very smart Arizona educator for prompting this development initiative.

The new C-mapper lets you:

1) create clear and targeted curriculum maps for any subject/grade, or across subjects/grades,
2) easily align to state and local standards (of course!),
3) include and distribute related materials (which can be added over time).

It's super-fast and easy to use, but still gives full functionality integrated with the lesson planner and everything else. You'll be amazed at how easily this powerful new feature will let you create as many curriculum maps as you need. Please ask if you're interested in learning more about this exciting new feature!

School Solutions is thrilled to launch the official release of our newest addition to the ST, the Educator Network. Here you can create your own Teacher blog, upload photos to share with your students, chat with other educators and form communities according to your needs and interests.

Curriculum-focused "Web 2.0" collaboration is set to become enormously beneficial to the K-12 education community, and we're already hard at work on the next generation of web services.

We'll continue to add features across the site, but we need your help to shape future development! Please submit questions, comments, and feature requests so that we can potentially incorporate them into future versions of the ST platform. And thank you to the many who have contributed helpful feedback so far.

Thank you for choosing the Standards Toolbox!