-- New Administrators home page --
a) Cleaner layout similar to Teacher's calendar page.
b) View all teachers for a given week -- much easier to locate appropriate material for review/comments.
c) Added auto-complete search field to quickly locate a given user in your school/district.
d) "What's new?" wall provides a stream of district-wide events.
e) "What's news?" section provides U.S. and international education news updates.
-- Improved Box-Planner print layout --
a) Added print-options interim dialog with three print-layout options: two facing pages, list (vertical) format, and super-compact.
b) Print the week in a two-page side-by-side layout (equals bigger lesson boxes while still conserving paper); suitable for side-by-side viewing in a three-ring binder.
-- Class websites --
a) Cleaner layout
b) 1-click calendar to view homework assignments for a given day
c) Teacher can now hide the homework section if they don't want to display it
-- Grade book --
a) Added "Student Summary" page to show at a glance how each class/group falls within a certain grade-range. Students with average <65% are highlighted in red.
b) Administrator-users can also review this information class-by-class.
-- Browser issues --
Various js adjustments to satisfy Google's Chrome browser