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8 years (s) ago by Amy Saathoff
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&lt;p&gt;I keep have server errors and I cannot save my lessons .&amp;nbsp; Anyone else?&lt;/p&gt;
11 years (s) ago by ST Dev Team
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&lt;p&gt;&amp;nbsp;Why is it that females are often less mathematically-inclined than males? According to &lt;a target=&quot;_blank&quot; href=&quot;
11 years (s) ago by Arlene Detmering
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&lt;p&gt;Ist week of school is finished and before I know it the week will be over.&amp;nbsp; I have a great group of students.&amp;nbsp; I managed to see 4 reading groups while my other students work....
11 years (s) ago by Arlene Detmering
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&lt;p&gt;It seems like this was a long week.&amp;nbsp; The day hours have changed and I think the schedule makes it feel like I am at school way to long. We have our first full week so I am hoping tha....
11 years (s) ago by Arlene Detmering
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&lt;p&gt;Tomorrow is Friday and I have had a busy week.&amp;nbsp; My students worked hard for me completing several beginning of the year test.&amp;nbsp; We all so made wooden stars with our pictures ....
11 years (s) ago by Maile Becka
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&lt;p&gt;Today was a much easier day for some students than yesterday was. There was still some drama, as there always is - students are competitive with each other and some try to &quot;beat out&quot....
12 years (s) ago by Deb Winburn
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&lt;p&gt;Have a great summer!&lt;/p&gt;
12 years (s) ago by ST Dev Team
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&lt;p&gt;As a classroom teacher, you know how challenging it can be to meet the needs of all the various types of learners filling those seats in your classroom. First, you need to take into account v....