Suppose five teachers who teach the same grade or subject get together in a team. Each one creates five really excellent lesson plans -- and shares them with the team. In just a couple of hours, each of the five will have ... more than an entire month of great lessons.

To get a little fancy, it's possible to build cross-curricular teams, vertical teams, or mentoring relationships. But the basic idea is the same.

Do our teammates need to be in the same building? Nah.
Must everyone on our team be in the same school district? Nope.
Do we ever need to meet or even know who our "teammates" are? Not necessarily!

As educators, we're constantly being asked to foster teamwork among our students, but too often we ourselves work in relative isolation. The ST promotes sharing of curriculum materials for the simple reasons that time is precious, the stakes are high, and many hands make light work!

How can you share your lesson plans using the Standards Toolbox? Click the Share checkbox on any of the lesson plan templates. That's it, done.

Use the Search function or browse the Shared Lessons page to find resources shared by others.