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  There are relationships that will cost you an excellent academic life in college. You sought the relations because you knew that it would be the redemption you needed in your ailing academic life. It is, however, the best mistake that you have made in your stressing college life. You have contemplated to walking out of the relationships for days, but you lack the guts to get it done. You still feel that the person is the love of your life and the only individual who understands your pitfalls and applauds your successes within college walls. 

   You could use the excuse of contracts from essay services and get done with the relationship that has become the worst nightmare in your academics. You can tell your partner that you do not want any casual interaction outside class unless there is health related crisis. A student who is wise enough will see right through your eyes and walk out. You need not tell a person on the face that you do not want any relationships outside the scope of academics. Students pass through experiences that grant them vital lessons. Walk out of relationships without fearing that you will hurt the other party because academic grades matter more.