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It is vital that you have a graphing calculator for success in Algebra II and/ or Statistics.  I highly recommend at least the TI-84 or the TI Nspire.  We will be doing a lot of things this year with the new Nspire's.  There will be a classroon set and you are required to provide a set of 4 AAA batteries, Duracell, Eveready, Energizer, or Rayovac.  The Nspires are harsh on batteries and that is why I list these brands.

If you choose to purchase your own, make sure you get the latest Nspire with the click pad.  Be sure you get the entire package.  The Nspire's come with 2 interchangeable face plates, the Nspire and an 84.  So its like getting 2 calculators in 1.  Also, it comes with computer software that allows you to more easily create documents.